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Senior Web Developer – Angular-TypeScript-HTML5-CSS3

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Job Description

7+ years of experience in developing large-scale enterprise Web applications. Experience in managing and implementing successful projects. Experience building single page applications using HTML 5, Angular 8.0+, TypeScript, CSS3, SAAS, LESS and third-party JavaScript framework libraries. Experience with C#/.NET and object oriented programming. Experience with RxJS and/or RX extensions (.NET) and ngRX. Experience with writing unit tests for Angular/Typescript (e.g. JEST, Jasmine, Karma, etc.) and C#/.NET (NUnit/MSTest/SpecFlow etc.). Experience with building cross-platform applications using Web technologies such as Electron, Chromium, and Node.js etc. Experience with consuming JSON/XML based data from REST services and/or real-time streaming data. Experience with tools such as Visual Studio Code, npm, Nuget, Artifactory. Experience with modern software development practices such as Agile development, test-driven development, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CICD) as it pertains to enterprise web applications. Ref#3075