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Applications Development Technology Lead Analyst | 22452017

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Job Description

Minimum of 9+ years hands on development experience in core Java (Threads API, Collections API, Garbage Collection). Any experience with Java 8 would be a plus. Knowledge of other programming languages like Python / Groovy. Experience developing low latency/real-time Equity trading platforms, inclusive of algorithmic and systematic complex event processing at any financial institution. Similar experience at any other web based firms that handle large volume of transactions. Strong object oriented design and programming fundamentals are mandatory. Knowledge of reactive programming and functional programming paradigms. Experience with messaging systems such as Solace, TIBCO EMS or other similar middleware. Experience with distributed messaging systems likes Kafka. Experience in working with/or developing with KDB. Experience in automated testing and using tools such as Junit/Mockito is required. Ref#3322