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Security Automation Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Job Description

5+ years of experience as a Security Engineer. Experience with OS internals and hardening (Linux, OS X, Windows). Firm grasp of networking protocols and operations. Must have experience in programming languages and frameworks such as Python, Ruby, Bash, Django. Comfortable with security tools and frameworks: ATT&CK Framework, Metasploit, Threat Intelligence feeds (AlienVault OTX, etc), Phishing platforms. Knowledge of AWS or other Cloud Provider, Compute engines, Databases as a service, MQaaS, etc. Comfortable with Application Security vulnerabilities such as XXE, CSRF, SSRF, difference between XSS types, Open Redirects, RFI, LFI. Up to date with the latest developments of browser security features. Comfortable discussing security header protections in-depth. such as CSP, SOP, CORS, etc. Development of Proof of Concept exploits Ref#1902